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TPMS Information - Aftermarket

Experts Talk About TPMS
Industry experts discuss TPMS and how it affects the aftermarket and your customers.


Sean MacKinnon, Director of Automotive Training Development, Tire Industry Association (TIA)
Sean MacKinnon heads up training at TIA, a nonprofit trade organization dedicated to supporting member tire service companies with the proper training, including training on TPMS. Sean helps aftermarket retailers learn about the importance of TPMS and adopt the proper procedures to accurately service TPMS-enabled vehicles.

Lynn Parker, Vice President, Tire Kingdom
Lynn Parker is Vice President at Tire Kingdom, a leading tire retailer in the Southeastern United States. Having stocked up on all the tools and parts for their TPMS program, Tire Kingdom is now focusing on the operational side of TPMS service by making TPMS one of its key performance indicators.

Chaz Leizear, District Sales Manager, NAPA
Chaz sees the opportunity–and the importance to consumer safety–in TPMS technology. As a major supplier to tire retailers in his sales district, Chaz sees his role as an educator for each shop, helping staff and managers understand what they need in order to perform accurate TPMS service and repair.

Jay Poparad, TPMS Senior Engineer and TIA-Certified Training Instructor, Schrader
Jay Poparad has trained service center technicians to deliver TPMS service with confidence. He believes it all comes down to parts, tools, and training. Jay shares key takeaways from his training sessions, including how to educate the customer on what TPMS is and how it helps motorists stay safe and save money.

Jackie Glassman, former Chief Counsel/Acting Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Jackie Glassman was formerly chief counsel and the acting administrator for NHTSA from 2002-2006. During her time with the organization, NHTSA was responsible for implementing the regulations, rules and procedures required by the TREAD Act.

Tony Davenport, Business Development Manager, Schrader
"A new technology being developed is the Schrader EZ-sensor®. This technology allows aftermarket customers to program Schrader sensors with a sensor ID, and the correct sensor protocol and functionality needed to interface with the TPMS system already installed in the vehicle. EZ-sensor simplifies the TPMS replacement process, dramatically reduces the costs of inventory, and avoids lost sales due to a potential lack of inventory. The Schrader sensor design is based on the Schrader's patented and proven Snap-In valve design and built to work with several existing programming tools already in the marketplace, including Schrader®, Bartec®, ATEQ®, and SPX®."