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84% of Modern Tire Dealer readers have broken a TPMS sensor. Proper training helps avoid costly breakage.
There is an estimated 104 million vehicles equipped with TPMS in the United States alone.
Schrader offers TPMS sensors and service packs for more than 94% of TPMS-equipped autos on the road today.
Tire pressure monitoring systems are now required by the TREAD Act on all new vehicles sold in the U.S.
A recent survey conducted by Schrader found one in three drivers isn't sure what the TPMS icon is.
44% of drivers admit they rarely check tire pressure. (Schrader-conducted survey)
9 in 10 drivers believe TPMS is an important safety feature to have in a vehicle. (Schrader-conducted survey)
Schrader has sold 215 million sensors worldwide, more than 54% of the overall market.
85% of Modern Tire Dealer readers offer TPMS service—do you?
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Eliminate the surprise and proactively address your customers' concerns about the immediate costs of TPMS by educating them about its long-term benefits.
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